Snickers is a male 5 year old Dachshund/Min Pin Blend weighing 14 pounds.  He was originally found by a family in November 2016.  They searched for the owner for a few months but they could not find them.  The wife of the family that found him, suddenly became very sick and even though they continued to hope to find the owners, they were no longer able to care for him, so they surrendered him to PPR to find a good home.  Snickers has had a full medical work up and they only thing they found was a urinary tract infection, which is being treated.  He was heartworm negative, all shots given, microchipped and neutered.  Snickers has been described as a quiet, sweet, social dog that gets along with other dogs and cats.  He has a very calm, non-demanding nature, that would be great for older people that just want a great companion to take naps with. He does well with men and women.  He is a low maintenance dog that sheds very little and is housebroken.  He is not an outdoor dog and will not run away if he should get out a door.  If you can’t find him, look in the closet where there is a soft bed.

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