Shih Tzu Blend

Louie is a 19 pound, 3 year old mix breed dog that resembles a cross between a Border Terrier and Shih Tzu.  He was brought to our organization by a neighbor, because he was being serverly abused by the male owner and his daughter. After a complete work up, it was found he had a “cherry eye” from being hit, heartworm positive and completely withdrawn from life.  His eyes did not reflect anything but a hopeless stare.  He has now been with us since the 11th of August.  He has been heartworm treated and his eye is healing.  He still has a very aloof attitude and ducks every time you pet him.  He is however, starting to interact with people and dogs more.  He acts excited to see you in the morning and when you come home.  But he does not trust enough to come when called yet.  He is grumpy when the other dogs get in his face, but does not attack them. In all other ways, he is a great dog.  He will lay at your feet while you watch tv and will follow you around outside.  He is totally housebroken.  Has difficulty walking on a leash, but suspect by his behavior, may have been kept tied up.  He has never exhibited any aggression toward people, but would not recommend children, know his story.   He has no interest in cats.  He mostly just wants a quiet, laid back place to be safe and free from pain. Louie is up to date with all shots, microchippped, and neutered.   If interested, please submit an application from this website.  His adoption fee is $200.

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